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Hotel Greenfield, operated by ADCO Enterprises, LC, dates to 1920, the city’s fourth hotel and the third at 110 East Iowa Street, proceeded at this site by The Wilson Hotel and later the Commercial Hotel. It is the largest commercial building in the central business district. Many early hotel patrons traveled to town by the C, B & Q freight-passenger train and were shuttled from the south Greenfield depot. Others arrived by automobile via Iowa’s developing highway system.

Despite the shadow of the Great War (WW I) local boosters were yet able to capitalize a 32-room state-of-the-art lodge at a cost of $65,000. Regional architect William Gordon designed the Classical Revival (Commercial) style building, to be constructed starting in 1919. It was completed and furnished by 1920. A gala Grand Opening was featured June 3, 1920 with William Don Carlos and George Musmaker toastmasters of the evening.

The original “Greenfield Hotel Company” of April 8, 1919, was founded by local business owners and town boosters as a community improvement project, more than as a profit-making enterprise, as such. The company, an Iowa corporation, owned the hotel until July 12, 1951. Lawyer George Musmaker, president, and banker Jay Howe, secretary-treasurer, were two of the company’s primary leaders during those first 32 years. Individuals and families owned and operated the business after that.

A food service establishment has been featured as a major element of the hotel’s operation. The lodging element was dated and dwindling in significance by the 1970s. When ADCO Enterprises, LC purchased the hotel property in March 2010, the Old Hotel Restaurant & Lounge (John Galanakis and family) was flourishing on the first floor space. It now continues to be associated with Hotel Greenfield but is relocated into the former Adair County Free Press building, joined to the west of the original hotel. It was acquired in 2010 in order to secure additional hotel development space. Two hotel suites are located on its second floor, along with laundry and housekeeping facilities.

The Free press building is 19th century Commercial in style with Romanesque features on its façade. It was erected in 1903 by Edwin J. Sidey and his father John S. Sidey, founders of the Adair County Democrat in 1889, later the Adair County Free Press. Edwin’s son Kenneth (1895-1976) and grandson Edwin J. Sidey (1925-2008) succeeded as publishers and editors. Well known White House reporter forTime/Life and author Hugh Sidey (1927-2005), brother of Edwin J., was also closely associated over time with the family’s journalism and photojournalism legacies. Publisher/Editor Linda E. Sidey, widow of Edwin J., relocated the newspaper business and its associated photo gallery to 141 Public Square in December 2010.

ADCO Enterprises, LC is owned primarily by Adair County area investors. It was founded with the support of the Community Development Corporation of Greenfield. Architect Dan Tindall of Grinnell was employed as redevelopment project manager. Tindall is also co-owner of the award-winning vintage Blackhawk Hotel in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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